Greg Jahn Photography

Idaho Images - Lost River Range

"Last Light on East Fork Pahsimeroi"

"Upper Pahsimeroi Valley"

"Spirit of Pine Forest"

"Tree Bones in Lost River"

"Last Light on Talus Slope"

"High Desert Double Rainbow"

"Summer Solstice Rainbow"

"Summer Morning at Pass Lake"

"First Light on Lost River Range"

"West Fork Pahsimeroi"

"Mountain Stream Spirit"

"Fall Sunset on Mount Borah"

"Fine Detail of Desert Pine"

"Crescent Moon Dawn"

"Pahsimeroi Clouds"

"Pass Lake Flowers and Meadow"

"Sunset on Lost River Valley"

"Morning Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Upper Pahsimeroi Sunrise"

"Afternoon Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Tree Roots of Lost River"

"Sunset on Upper Pahsimeroi Lake"

"Sage Relief"

"Moonlight over Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Desert Alpine"

"Summer Storm over Mount Borah"

"Nature's Sunset Symphony"

"Red Rain Horizon"

"First Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi Valley"

"Pahsimeroi Tree at Sunrise"

"Late Summer High Meadow"

"Lost River Wood"

"Leatherman Peak and Pass Lake"

"High Desert Paintbrush"