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Alpine Lake Sunset
"Alpine Lake Sunset" - Sawtooth Mountains
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For years I have been curious about a couple lakes I could see on my Sawtooth Mountains map. I had never heard of anyone visiting them and I had no information about them other than their presence on the map. The lakes are located up high on the south side of Redfish Canyon, and the contour lines of the map suggested it may not be possible to get to them without ropes.

Finally, I decided to go find out. After crossing an extensive and nasty swamp area of fallen trees on Redfish Creek, I started hiking up the steep slope to the lakes. About halfway up I ran into a cliff band, and it looked like I was out of luck. However, as I explored the length of the cliff band, I found that right where the stream came over the cliff there was a special hidden alleyway that made access to the high lakes just a walk in the stream. It was a wonderful adventure.